Our Story

In 2015, we started AYR to create innovative products in the vaping market that users would recommend to their friends to help them quit smoking

Founded by award-winning industrial designer Ian Murison, AYR is the product of a personal project to help people transition off cigarettes. As an ex-smoker, Ian knew how hard the journey could be and designed the device that he would have wanted to help him give up and that he would have gifted to his late father.

When he researched the e-cigarette market he saw a plethora of products with underlying problems. He believed he had the skills to develop a product that solved these issues, in a simple elegant solution that users would love. And so AYR was born.

The Problem

Many products were fiddly to use, messy to fill and had performance issues in delivering a decent vapour hit or just ran out of power when you needed it. We also saw the rise of the pod-based vaporizer and the significant waste that comes from throwing away prefilled pods, whilst most users had no idea how much they had vaped or how much nicotine they had consumed.      

The Solution

Ian is an ex-smoker and saw the opportunity to continue the relationship between a cigarette and it’s pack, where the vaporiser was recharged and refilled every time it was placed back in its case. This approach gives the user more convenience and takes away the fear of running out of power or liquid, whilst significantly reducing the wastage from used pods.

We want our users to take control, so like a cigarette, we have a clear start and end to a vaping session through the glowdown lights, and we also added wireless connectivity to allow users to see their vaping on a Web App that works on all smartphones.

The product design utilises quality materials to echo some of the elegant fashion led products of the past, to create a device that users would love to own.

Our Mission

AYR was founded on the belief that we can build better, simpler vaping products. Devices that automatically refill, recharge and are fully connected, putting you in control.

We also, with your permission, want to share anonymous data with the medical community to help others reduce their smoking habit and quit nicotine if they want to..

We really hope you enjoy using AYR as much as we have creating it.