Dimensions & Weight

Case: 119.5 x 67 x 18mm - 125g

Vaporiser: 102 x 20 x 12mm - 22g (inc. tip)

Dock: 74 x 52.5 x 28mm - 72g

Liquid Capsule: 13.5 x 30.5 x 49mm - 16g



• Vaporiser recharge system

• Miniature peristaltic pump to refill the vaporiser

• USB-C port

• Three-way toggle control and LCD display screen to access case functions


• Advanced heating control - to maintain optimum coil temperature

• 7 Glowdown lights - giving the the user visual feedback to show much they have vaped. The lights are set to all extinguish after 25 seconds of vaping by default, but this can be varied by the user.

• Data logging - The vaporiser records all vapes and this is downloaded to the case when it is docked.

Colour & Material

Polished Aluminium available in 2 colours:

• Black

• Silver


Our ceramic coil is 1.45Ohms with a 316L stainless steel wire. Our smart vaporiser controls the vapour production by constantly monitoring and maintaining a set temperature through regulating the delivery of power to the coil.


Case: 1350mAh - built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery - recharges in three hours.

Vaporiser: 250mAh - built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery - recharges in the case in 30 minutes


• Approximately 50:50 PG/VG liquids with added flavourings and nicotine salt (nicotine salicylate). These have been extensively tested to work with our system.

• Available in strengths of 20mg/ml or 10mg/ml nicotine


WiFi (802.11 ac 2.4 GHz)


Compatible with iOS and Android devices

What's in the box

1. Case

2. Vaporiser

3. Tip

4. USB Cable

5. 10ml Bottle

6. Manual

7. WiFi Dock